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40plus Health Care Services

It has been widely spoken, “prevention is better than cure”. Preventive healthcare has become of utmost importance especially in the environment we are living in today. Ideally, each individual is advised to go for routine health checkups even if they are living a healthy life since many diseases are asymptomatic in nature.

In 2017, we conducted a mass survey amongst people regarding their lifestyle and their frequency of doctor visits. This survey led us to a common mindset amongst the majority of people who believe that it is too expensive to pay a visit to a doctor for routine health checkups while they feel they are living a healthy life. But the fact remained that our environment and lifestyle are constantly prone to viruses and health problems. People had become more reliant on the information they read on the internet rather than a doctor. We feel the information on the internet is reliable to an extent, but that does not bypass a check-up from a doctor, which would give a more comprehensive outlook to an individuals’ health concern.

We came up with the idea of providing free health check-ups to people. By including technology with traditional health care practice, we developed a platform that not only provides free health checkups but also provides access to affordable healthcare services such as pharmacy, radiology, fitness, and many more. So now, people have the access to visit a reputed doctor and get them screened for any issues which may arise with them in the future, without stressing on their pockets. A healthy society will lead to a happy society.


To become a front runner in providing affordable healthcare with the goal of touching the lives of every individual through a healthy life.


To change lives through preventive healthcare technology.