Card Usage Terms

  1. Hello Everybody. The following are the basic terms and conditions for every “Phoenix Health card” users.

  2. The following Standard Terms & Conditions apply in relation to your participation in the “Phoenix Health Card” (hereinafter referred to as “Phoenix Health Card”). The Terms and Conditions are binding upon the “Phoenix Health card”.

  3. Phoenix Health Card” would deem to include its benefits to all the card-holders, Any age group can be the member of “Phoenix Health Card” hereinafter referred to as “Phoenix Health Card”.

  1. All the members would mean Primary Cardholders as well as other Cardholders of “Phoenix Health Card” hereinafter referred to as the “Healthcare member”.

  1. is the website of “Phoenix Health card” where the services/ special offers/ discount rate provided by the “Associate service providers” are displayed (Hereinafter referred to as “Phoenix Health card website”)

  1. Phoenix Health Card” mean the Affiliations of the company for the “ASP (Associate service providers”) providing their Services at special rates/ discounted rates/ free facilities to the Members (hereinafter referred to as “Associate service providers”).

  1. Phoenix Health card ” (hereinafter referred to as “Phoenix Health Card”, during the Membership period, whereby the Member can avail off the services and/or discounts of the service and/or Product of the “Associate service providers”

  1. In order to purchase the “40+ healthcare Card” All the age group are open to it.

  1. The validity of “Phoenix Health card ” is for one year only from the date of activation.

  1. The card is to be used by the card-holder for getting free consultation/discounts/other mentioned services from the ASP as mentioned in the E-booklet and

  1. This is an “Individual healthcare card” for card-holders. No other person can use on behalf of card-holders.

  1. This card is valid to the mentioned Services only other required procedures of the card users will be chargeable as per the ASP Matters.

  1. Each “Associate service providers” has mentioned their contact details, the services they provide and facilities at their place in full detail. Card-holders will have to directly call up the clinic of the healthcare provider to take an appointment. card-holders can see the chargeable services of all the ASP on the given E-booklet and

  1. Phoenix Health Card” will not be responsible for any kind of Service quality, Each and every ASP will be responsible for their given services and information to the “card-holders”

  1. Phoenix Health card card-holders” are not getting any special queue-line for visit they will have to wait like all other visitors to the place.

  1. Phoenix Health Card” gives the first consultation free during the regular consulting hours only. If the ASP has clearly mentioned in their information details , only then can it be used in emergency purposes

  1. The Member shall directly avail of The Services and/or Purchase the Products of the “ASP”. “Phoenix Health card” does not accept any responsibility; whatsoever for the delivery, service, suitability, or quality of services and/ or Products purchased by you from the “ASP” and further, “Phoenix Health Card” does not provide any warranty not guarantee for the Products and/or Services provided by the “ASP” under the “Phoenix Health Card”. “Phoenix Health Card” shall not be bound in any manner whatsoever for non-payments by the Members to the “ASP Partner” for the Services and/or products and/or discounts availed by the member. “Phoenix Health card” is further not liable for any non-delivery or short-fall or deficiency in Services and/or Discounts and/or products provided by the “ASP Partner”.

  1. Phoenix Health Card” and “ASP Partner” reserve the right to make changes and/ or terminate any of the offers and/or services, any time with the mutual discussion of discretion, without any prior notice and without assigning reasons.

  1. The Member at the time of usage of the “healthcare card” must carry the original “Phoenix Health card ” and a legal identity proof (Aadhar card, PAN card).

  1. Phoenix Health card” offerings are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged against cash.

  1. By availing any/all of the “Phoenix Health Card” offerings, the member has accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions and those of the respective “ASP Partner”.

  1. For details of the “Phoenix Health Card” offerings, please call or email the individual ASP Partners in the telephone numbers/ email id’s given. Discounts/ offers, mentioned in the website, can neither be CLUBBED with any other promotion(s)/ offer(s) of the ASP Partners

  1. Phoenix Health Card” shall not be liable for any lost, misplaced or stolen “Phoenix Health Card ” once issued, Members can re-issue the “healthcare card” by connecting to helpline contact-73590 51234 where they will be explaining the re-issue procedure ,he/she will be charged Rs.100 for re-issue and will be getting the card in seven working days.

  1. Phoenix Health Card” reserves the right to cancel any card where incorrect or fraudulent information found about the members. In the event that information is found to be incorrect, you shall not be entitled to a refund.

  1. In case of any dispute in respect of the” Phoenix Health Card” offerings, the decision of the “Phoenix Health Card” and/or the respective “ASP Partner” shall be final and binding upon the Member.

  1. Any dispute/ matter arising out of or in relation to the “Phoenix Health Card” offering are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent court(s) in Vadodara alone.

  1. The Member shall indemnify and hold harmless. “Phoenix Health Card” its respective “ASP partners” and “Card holders” from any claim or demand, or actions including reasonable member’s fees, made by any penalty imposed due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms and Conditions or your violation of any law, rules and regulations or the rights of “ASP Partner”.

  1. The Member shall have no authority to bind “40[plus healthcare services” in any manner whatsoever.

  2. Phoenix Health card ” offerings are valid only up to the validity of the card that is one year.

  1. Phoenix Health Card” Offerings are not valid on festival days, public holidays, bank holidays linked to weekends or as specified by the “ASP Partners”.(this can be differ from ASP to ASP)

  1. For any further queries on the “Phoenix Health Card” members can write on or contact on - 73590 51234